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Caution, Fragile Artifacts

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Be warned.
We do not accept stolen art.

As members of the darker side of art,
We have our own ways of dealing with "THIEVES".

:iconvoo-doo-plz:You are not welcome here. :iconvoo-doo-plz:

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:skullbones: This group contains nudity and and adult content.
If this offends you leave now.

:rose: You must have some skull art in your gallery to join us.
Collectors are welcome to watch the group.

:skullbones: This is a no da-rama zone.
We do not tolerate anyone harassing the artists associated with this group.


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:rose: Your submissions must contain a skull or skeletal aspect in the art to be accepted.

:skullbones: All art forms are accepted.
Artistic Nudes must be done in taste. No Porn.
We do not accept the written word.

:rose: Body art as with tattoos and body paint have their own folder.

:skullbones: You are permitted to submit 4 pieces of art per week.
The folders are open to you and you should submit your art to the correct folder.

:rose: If you need any assistance please ask that's what we are here for.

:skullbones: Please try to not submit poorly done pieces of art. We are trying to keep our gallery reserved for the best of your art.

:rose: We do not collect ROAD KILL or decomposing animal parts.

:skullbones: We will not accept ID's so don't bother.


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Group Info

A group dedicated to skull art. We accept all mediums.
Founded 4 Years ago
Jan 1, 2011


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570 Members
626 Watchers
28,180 Pageviews
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, violence/gore and strong language)


Journal Entry: Sun Feb 22, 2015, 1:42 PM
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Q: How do you make a hormone?

A: Don't pay her.

Courtesy of…

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The Gargoyle.

Considered to be amongst the elite of the Gothic guardians, the Gargoyle can often appear as an disinterested onlooker to the scurrying masses below their rooftop gaze. But these little fellas miss nothing. All too often, as the sun leaves, and the Earth is shrouded in the black of night, they shake free the shackles of servitude and swoop down on the towns and cities of the world. Ready to pounce from the shadows on any who dare defy them.

Dislikes : Being called guttering, save that one for the architects, and stonemasons with a sense of humor, how is anyone suppose to look mean with a funny face.

Likes : Hollywood films depicting the world's end, there's always a Gargoyle somewhere to witness the heavens crashing down, Graveyards, someone's got to keep the bad guys in hell, and Cerberus, they go way back.

Level three warning : Pretty much safe for all, but these creatures can still deliver a nasty fright to the unsuspecting passer by. And for anyone who's been bad ... well it's best to remember that the Gargoyle has got a heart of stone, so best of luck in the underworld.

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Dear Mortimer,

With Easter coming up, I planned a gigantic get together with my entire family. I booked a caterer, music, and a photographer. Then I invited my whole family, and everybody RSVP'd quickly. The problem I'm having is that they're all ghosts with bitter feuds that they never got over. I'm conducting the seance in our ancestral family home which you'd think would appease them somewhat, but my Uncle Bradley says that if my Great-Aunt Mable is there, he refuses to come back from the underworld to visit. And my long lost twin cousins, who were tragically murdered while gambling in the old West, refuse to come if one or the other shows up, as they blame their losses and subsequent death on each other. My mother and father are beside themselves in the grave, she thinks he will make me conjure up his mistress as well, whom she defeated in a firey battle right here in this home, burning most of the library wing and themselves to the ground. I'd never do that, and it's a holiday, and I miss my family very much! What can I do to make them all get along!?

Beginner Ghost Reviver

Dear Ghost.

I think the first thing you have to be concerned about is if there is enough space for them to move freely through the home without bumping in to one another. If they have enough space, they can ignore or avoid who they don't want to see. On the other hand, they need to be aware of your feelings and above all they need to realize that whatever the situation, they're all family and you care enough to bring them back to be together for what sounds to me like a lovely time. You could try addressing the concerns with tact, and explain to your mother that you will not revive the mistress, and explain to your uncle and aunt that they can be in separate areas of the house. As for the twins, well, explain that it might do them some good to get together and hash out their experience. Enough time has passed between them all that they should be able to be around each other without opening old wounds.



:iconfraterorion: FraterOrion

my face by FraterOrion

thilmetoth by FraterOrionthe dark lord by FraterOrion
Come see more at dA-Morgue

Fa by nitchwarmer

ever get that feeling by CapnSkusting Ghhhhhhhhoooooouuuuuullllllllllllllll! by DasGhul The Nightmare Carriage by Pyramiddhead Rest of You Tastes a Safe by Parker-Weston who swallowed the sun by R9A itsHalloweenagain by Zirkon777 Rebirth by BostinButterfly 

Golden teeth by PeterN64Ghost Stories by nitchwarmer 

Altar by absumaniac Zombie Boy Swamp Horror by RichJohnsonPhoto 

I'll swallow your soul! by STARBL00D I like your dolls ... by Flobelebelebobele Straw. by heatherorchard Forgive me Father by MarshalGraham 

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Burned at the Stake

Facts and interesting information about Medieval Torture and Punishment, specifically being Burned at the Stake, during the era Torture and Punishment - Burned at the Stake During the Medieval times inflicting pain and torture was an accepted form of punishment or interrogation. The cruel and pitiless torturers were induced to inflict the horrors of torture or punishment, including being burned at the Stake, on the pitiful prisoners. Different types of torture or methods of punishment were inflicted, depending on the crime and the social status of the victim, using various methods and various types of devices or instruments. History Facts and Information about being Burned at the Stake The punishment by fire, or being burned at the stake, was always inflicted in cases of heresy, or blasphemy. In France, in the beginning of the 14th century, fifty-nine Knights Templar were burned at the same time for the crimes of heresy and witchcraft. And three years later, on the 18th March, 1314, Jacques Molay, and a few other dignitaries of the Order of the Templars, also perished by being burned at the stakes at the end of the island of Notre Dame in Paris. Death Procession Many executions were public. In France it was the custom for the condemned to take part in a Death procession. The victim in his shirt, barefooted, the rope round his neck, followed by the executioner, and holding in his hand a wax taper, with a weight, which was definitely specified in the sentence which had been passed upon him, but which was generally of two or four pounds, prostrated himself at the door of a church, where in a loud voice he had to confess his sin, and to beg the pardon of God and man. Method of Execution When a victim had been condemned to be burned at the stake, a long pole called a stake was erected on the spot specially designed for the execution, and round it a pile was prepared, composed of alternate layers of straw and wood, and rising to about the height of a man. Care was taken to leave a free space round the stake for the victim, and also a passage by which to lead him to it. Having been stripped of his clothes, and dressed in a shirt smeared with sulphur, he had to walk to the centre of the pile through a narrow opening, and was then tightly bound to the stake with ropes and chains. After this, faggots and straw were thrown into the empty space through which he had passed to the stake, until he was entirely covered by them; the pile was then fired on all sides at once. At the mercy of the executioner Sometimes the executioner, when feeling merciful, had a method designed to reduce the suffering. It was to place gunpowder in the wood to ensure a quick death. If a condemned person was really fortunate he would be strangled to death before being chained to the stake.

Our group of twisted writers...

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